Our Story

Established in 1950, WALA has been continuously run by the Wala family.

As one of the leading fragrance house nationally, We are the catalyst for discoveries that spark the senses and transform the every day.

An unchallenged legitimacy, based upon experience and transmission of heritage, values and knowledge which has been perpetuated for three generations.

With virtuoso mastery and respect for modern raw materials, each generation has brought a personal identity to an adventure that defies time.

WALA creates and produces perfumes for Fine fragrance, Body care, Home care, Aroma products and Incense sticks.

Our R&D is a team made up of experienced Perfumers and Marketing & Evaluation department. The Analytical, Application & Sensory analysis laboratory design and test high quality perfumes. A modern ERP and a semi-automated production unit, helps us to ensure high and consistent quality with short and flexible delivery time.

With recognized expertise in fine fragrance sector in particular, we sell our fragrances worldwide.

As we are independent, we have developed a sincere entrepreneurial spirit, and thus a freedom to think out of the box.

Which makes us unique.

List of Companies :-

  • Wala & Co.
  • Wala Inc.
  • Pryda Parfums


A desire to give shape & create tailor-made fragrances with precious natural essential oils, synthetic & innovative molecules, state-of-the-art R&D, decades worth of know-how has allowed us to find answers to consumer needs.

We design fragrances for everyday products, from the spellbinding signature of great fine fragrance perfumes to hygiene & bodycare products i.e. shower gels, shampoos, deodorants and creams. In addition, we also design fragrances for the home universe, from household products to interior perfumes. We are also one of the biggest supplier of Incense stick fragrances.


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13/b, Nanbhawadi, Bhavnagar – 1 (INDIA).
Telephone :- 0091 278 2424628, 0091 278 2510200.
Email :- info@walacorp.com


B-304, Shaligram Coral, Thaltej, Ahmedabad – 59 (INDIA).
Telephone :- 0091 9426803100
Email :- info@walacorp.com


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